After Hotel Eviction, Choir Still Takes Top Spots

The MU Choir’s trip has been an adventure.  Choir member Yvonne Marie Glass has been sending updates. She reports that the hotel in which the choir was staying was “seized” for financial reasons and the choir members were evicted Thursday morning.

The group maintained the Mountie spirit, however, and Derrek Stark took third place in the International Vocal Solo competition and the Concert Choir placed  second place in the Youth Choirs Competition.


The Mansfield July 4 celebration was a big success this year with a colorful parade, activities and fireworks.  This year, MU staff got involved, making the celebration, like other activities, a truly town-grown venture.  Thanks to Bruce Dart for the photos.


To describe 2011 as the year of many changes is a sweeping understatement.  The new Perkins is now going up in the I-99 Business Park  and should be open for business in a couple months.  Sheetz, located where Farmer in the Dell used to be, is under construction and should have the lights on this fall.  Doug Roupp’s Gulf, where a couple generations of university students stopped for gas and jokes, has closed.


I just spoke with Francis Bok’s  manager who said that since his visit to MU in 2009,  the Sudanese child slave and one of the “Lost Boys” has created the Francis Bok Foundation, is building schools in Sudan and is the subject of a new documentary.   During his visit here, I interviewed Francis for a two-part podcast It’s a harrowing, inspirational story.


For music geeks, here’s NME Video’s list of the top 10 videos of  all time.  Spoiler: the number one music video is Johnny’s Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt.


Here’s what happens when you do a bad job photo shopping. These Chinese officials wound up “inspecting” things beyond their wildest dreams.

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