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The 1892 Mansfield Team

We played the World’s first night football game in Smythe Park on Sept. 28, 1892.  On Sept. 14, 2013, we will play our first night home game since that historic first game 121 years ago.  That’s right, after more than a century of letting others work out the bugs of electricity, we’ve made the jump and bought some lights.  It’s going to be a huge event, beginning in the early afternoon and running into the night.  Alumnus Chester Bailey, 101 years-old, will flip the switch.  Our team will play Princeton.  Our marching band will put on a spectacular show and night game mastermind Steve McCloskey will provide fireworks.  There’s more, much more.  Don’t miss it.

Here’s the schedule.  And here’s a 360 degree panorama view of the New Van Norman Stadium. This is history in the making.


David Stinebeck,interim associate provost has an article “Chickamauga and George Thomas” published in the July issue of The Blue & Gray Messenger the newsletter of The National Civil War Museum.  He was also a featured speaker  at The National Civil War Museum in August.  Stinebeck and his wife, Scannell Gill, are authors of  A Civil General, a novel about George Henry Thomas, the most successful general in the Civil War.  Stinebeck, whose great-grandfather fought under Thomas, talks about the book and Thomas’ career in this episode of Conversations.


Scott DiMarco, director of libraries, is quoted in “Noah Webster’s Dictionary Helped Define America” in Investor’


See them eat scorpions! Clean dishes with dried yucca!  Bicycle through summer infernos!  MU students  Anthony Mancuso, Scot Greevy, and Rolf Dengler teamed up to bike through the Great Basin, Mojave and Sonoran Deserts this summer.  And this is the video they made of their journey.  Congratulations on the trip and making it back safe, guys.


    Nick Ippoliti ’97 and ’01, has released his new album, “Pillow: American Made,” his best album so far.  Here’s my recent review of it.  Check it out and find him on Facebook.


Professor Emeritus Jay Gertzman’s latest book, Samuel Roth: Infamous  Modernist, is the definitive biography of the publisher, pornographer, pirate who brought Ulysses and Lady Chatterley’s Lover to America.  It’s a very readable, scholarly work on a brilliant, troubled man who spent years in prison and ultimately changed censorship laws in the U.S.  Here’s a Huffington Post interview with Gertzman about the book.


  For those who haven’t heard, English professor Kristin Sanner passed away in August. She was much beloved by the many students she taught and helped outside of class.  She will be missed.



Everyone should watch this news report on how the photo you take with your mobile device can enable strangers to track you to your exact location and learn a lot of other things about you.  And learn how to stop it.


  If you’re a college student, this report on the top rated Ramen brands will open the doors to variety in cheap, quick eating.  If you’re like me who occasionally partakes of the guilty pleasure, it’s pretty interesting.

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