The Good, the Bad & the General

The past few weeks have  been full of firsts and celebrations. The Light Up the Night football game, the first night game since 1892, was an overwhelming success.

The 22nd annual Fabulous 1890s Weekend had a very rare two days of beautiful weather with a crowd-pleasing parade and superb entertainment.

Homecoming had good weather, great floats in the parade and a large crowd for the game.  The MU marching band, as always, showed the crowd why it’s called The Spirit & Pride of Pennsylvania. (Yes, that’s three major events in four weeks).


President Fran Hendricks was in fine form during his debut as a conductor.  I mean, how can you not love the national anthem being led by a 6’2″retired brigadier general in full uniform?


The wildly popular The Band Perry filled Decker on Sept. 29, and gave MU a lot of free publicity as attendees Tweeted, Facebooked  and Instagramed photos during the concert.

Siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry


The past couple weeks have  also been painful with retrenchment and layoffs.  This recent editorial in the Lancaster New Era, “Squeezing Pa’s public universities,”  does an excellent job summarizing the fiscal crisis universities like MU are facing.  Yes, there are many problems, including the decreasing number of high school students and a slow economy.  But much of the problem is the continual decline in state funding.  Please read the article, share it on your Facebook wall and Twitter.


And I’m sure you all know where Terry Day is standing during this week’s taping of Terry’s Take.


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