Santa, Book This Tree!

This year’s Christmas Tree in North Hall is truly one for the books. In fact, it might be the most entitled tree in the world.

The Mansfieldians are featured in the Huffington Post for their a-cappella version of  Bach’s instrumental, “Little Organ Fugue in G Minor.”  It’s an impressive performance.

Kathy Wright is now our internationally recognized health sciences expert. Her article on “3 reasons to eat a home cooked meal” is published on

Roy Justice ’76 is just plain cool.  He tells great stories of American songs, then performs them flawlessly.  Check out this  Conversations Holiday  Special where he fills us in on the history and significance of several Christmas songs.  I mean, who knew a murderous, giant book-eating boar  inspired “The Boar’s Head Song”?

“Days gone By,” a black and white photo by Nathan Miller ‘02 was awarded the grand prize in the 2013 Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine Photography Contest. The 2013 competition received entries from photographers throughout New York State and New Jersey. Miller, a communication major, is a videographer at WHAM-TV in Rochester, NY and a freelance photographer specializing in nature scenes.

Stop by downtown Mansfield businesses during the Home for the Holidays event on Saturday December 14th. I was going to stop by and see Santa, but if he has a list of my 2013 activities, I’d be lucky to get a small chunk of concrete.

Many thanks to Mansfield’s Tractor Supply for donating two snow shovels and two Snow Dozers to help MU’s “Operation Snowflake.”  When we get our first significant snow fall, President Hendricks and a cadre of students plan to help shovel snow for those in need around town.

You’ll find ‘Hats for History’ at the History Center on Main St. The display includes more than 100 hats and mittens that Joyce Tice knitted.  All proceeds go to help support the History Center.  Great Christmas gifts!  The History Center is on Main St. beside the library.  You can also find her on Facebook.

Over the years, more and more bald eagles are being seen  in Tioga County.  This is the first one that’s been spotted at MU campus.  It was doing some inspection flights over the Russell practice field. With  Brigadier General Fran Hendricks as president and a bald eagle circling the campus, we’re as American as a university gets.  All we need is an apple pie, and I think Connie Hendricks is baking that right now.

Last Terry’s Take blog of the semester.  Check out the North Hall Christmas tree that’s making news around the U.S.


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