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The Spirit of Halloween & Higher Ed Advocacy

A group of our students, sponsored by the SGA, spent Wednesday in Harrisburg to talk with legislators about increasing support for the State System universities.The MU Concert Choir sang at the capitol building in Harrisburg on Wednesday to advocate to promote the importance of higher education in Pennsylvania.

The choir performed 5 songs, including “How Can I Keep From Singing”

Treat your kids royally at “A Day in Camelot” Sunday, Oct. 27, 2-6 p.m. on the South Hall Mall and North Manser. Activities will include Jousting, Shield Making, Alchemy, Human Chess, Face Painting, Prince and Princess Etiquette, and more.  Sponsored by SGA and Mansfield Community Service.

Check out our new site for newsmakers and testimonials.  Everyone is welcome to contribute items to the “MU: Mount Up, Move Out, Lead!” site.  Send in testimonials, photos, video, all things good about MU.

1st Place Winner

Congratulations to the winners of the “Community” logo contest sponsored by the President’s Office.  They are”: #1, Emily Crandell; #2, Alana Krieger; # 3 & 4, Dylan Loucks;  and tied for #5, Caitlynn McConnell and Ashley Ranck.

Leading up to Halloween, here’s the Ghost Detectives episode in which the Coal Region Paranormal Team spends the night looking for evidence of our resident ghost, Sarah.  (Another team from Rochester is coming in this weekend. Sarah has been getting a lot of professional visitors this past year.)

English Professor John Ulrich talks about the history of zombies in this four-minute clip taken from his Conversations interview about his Monster Literature course.

In case you somehow missed them this year, here’s the Spirit and Pride of PA Mountie Marching Band at the Collegiate Marching Band Festival in Allentown a few weeks ago.  Nothing like a little Beethoven to get your blood flowing.

In her first official race in the red and black, No. 25  Lauren Norton took 4th overall at the Hamilton College Invitational to earn PA State Athletic Conference (PSAC) Women’s Cross Country Athlete of the Week honors. 

Former MU softball standout Melissa Baer has been named interim head softball coach at Lycoming College.

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There are a lot of new things at MU this year, but nothing quite as colorful and distinctive as the new Mountie Express.

And, almost last but not least, this week’s edition of Terry’s Take.

Now people will be talking to their wrists?



10 2013

Homecoming, Marching Band & Ghosts

It’s Homecoming Weekend at MU.  It’s 70 degrees with cloudless skies and two days’ worth of activities.


Congratulations to Adam Murtland and Jake Burdick on this outstanding video promoting Homecoming 2011 and the game against Navy.


You can see, from this video of the Spirit & Pride of PA Mountie Marching Band,  why the Olympics are calling them.


In this episode of Conversations, author Bill Robertson ’72 talks about his collections of ghost stories and tells some scary — and hilarious — tales revolving around his days as a Mansfield State College undergraduate.


Every year, Sarah, the ghost of North Hall, seems to pop up in a magazine or web page somewhere.  This year she’s featured in in an article on “Scary Stories.”


A warm, light rain, leaves hinting they’re about to change, the rising mist.  I have a wonderful view from my office of a beautiful campus.


The new suites and semi-suites residence halls continue to progress.  Students are scheduled to move in during the January 2012 semester.


With this episode of Terry’s Take, you get the news and the beautiful view.

Are your pigs gathering sticks?  Crickets in the chimney?  Or maybe an abundance of acorns.  Here’s a Farmer’s Almanac list of folk methods of predicting a rough winter.